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Welcome to the website of the Sunshine Coast Adult Soccer League.  The league consists of 7 teams in the men's over 30 divison and 7 teams in the women's open division. Both leagues are recreational. The soccer season runs from September to March and ends with a wind-up tournament/playoffs for each division. 

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Practice - OFF the field!!
Please remember that no teams are allowed to practice "on the pitch". All practices have to be on the side-lines or end-zones of the field.
 “Slide tackling performed by a player anywhere in the field of play, including the goalie, with intent to remove, displace or gain possession of the ball is not allowed and is a card-able offense”.
There are two components to a slide tackle.
SLIDE  -  Both feet are not planted (Cleats are not in normal contact with the ground)
TACKLE -  the action of removing, displacing, or gaining possession of the ball from another player
If in the referees opinion a slide tackle has occurred the referee will stop play. The offending player will be issued a yellow card for "unsportsmanlike conduct".  If the slide tackle infringes on other "Laws of the Game" (reckless, violent, serious foul play etc.) the player may receive a red card.
The restart for a slide tackle will always be a direct free kick. If the infraction takes place in the defenders penalty area a penalty kick will be awarded.
– Sliding to clear a ball or keep a ball in play with no other player close to the sliding player
– In an offensive position sliding to move the ball, including shooting on net (no other player close)
– Lunging forward to block and/or obstruct the movement of the ball, (this means one foot is planted, cleats of this one foot are in a normal position.)
– In a defensive position sliding to block and/or obstruct a pass or a shot taken on net (no other player close)
The referee's judgement on whether a player "is close" must be trusted. Referees are entrusted to insure that all participants in the game remain safe. Safety is a referee's primary obligation.
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If you are tying to add content to this website but cannot get to the "Modify Shared Page" menu you need to change a setting in Internet Explorer.
Go to Tool in Internet Explorer. Find "Compatibility Mode" and tick it.  You can also go to "Compatibility View Settings" and add the site - so it will always open correctly.
Please get in touch with me if you are having issues. 
Men's League - Procedure for Cancelling Games
To avoid forfeiting points , if a team wants to cancel their game on a Sunday they must inform the other team by at least 8pm on the previous Sunday. Any notice of cancellation later than that and the team cancelling will forfeit the points. If notice is given after 8pm on the Friday prior to the game, then the team will also incur the league expenses for match officials, which currently is $120. Teams are only eligible to do the procedure once in each half of the season
Referees - Please see the new Referee page!
Card Report link is now located on the new Referee Page - Link to the left of this! 
Please download the attached form
Field Closures
A reminder that it is the HOME team's responsibility to call the referee and linesman and the other team's rep if your field is not playable for whatever reason.
If the referee and linesman show up, we have to pay them, so please save them from having to drive out on a cold or lousy morning for nothing, and save the league the expense.
A reminder to players and referees that slide tackles are a not allowed period!  A minimum yellow card will be issued.  Saving a ball from going out of play with no other players around does not constitute a slide tackle!
The Men's League unanimously adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE rule in regards to dissent / disrespect shown towards referees. Any dissent towards referees or linesman will be met with at least a yellow card and in some instance a red card!  This move is fully supported by the league.  Referees will be expected to follow this in order to keep it consistent.  Teams are expected to deal decisively with their players who are showing dissent, so that ideally the ref will not have to deal with it in the future.
Thank you REFEREES for enforcing this mandate from the executive!
Practice On Sidelines
Please note that practices on all SCRD fields are to take place on sidelines only, for kids and adults alike.  Teams not adhering to this mandatory policy will be dealt with severely.