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2nd & 4th Tuesdays*
108A-5530 Wharf Rd

*Check the Schedule for changes in venue.

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Rotary provides a forum for individuals to share their knowledge base for socio-economic benefit. Through Rotary, our members find many ways to meet, exchange ideas, and make lifelong friendships, including: 

  • Regular club meetings

  • Online discussion boards

  • Interest-based affinity groups

  • Local events

  • An annual international convention

How do we work?

Our impact starts with our members. Our conjoined efforts are supported by Rotary International, our member association, and The Rotary Foundation, which turns generous donations into grants that fund the work of our members and partners around the world and here at home.

What can you expect?

Opportunity to Serve: As a service club, Rotary's business is mankind and its product is service. This is perhaps the best reason for becoming a Rotarian: the chance to do good.

Cultural Awareness: Around the world, practically every religion, country, culture, race, creed, political persuasion, language, color and ethnic identity is represented among members of Rotary. Rotary is a cross section of the world's most prominent citizens who are aware of their cultures and have developed a love of working with people everywhere. They become better citizens of their countries in the process.



History of

The Rotary Club of Sechelt was founded in 1991 and since its charter many community members have participated as volunteers directly and indirectly with the club.

View present activities,
projects and causes by navigating our menu.



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The Rotary Club of Sechelt meets twice a month. It has a focus on projects and activities that lead to making a difference locally and around the world. Members have an objective on getting things done. If you are looking  to bring your energy, experience and passion for community to a place where you can put them into action, you have found the right place.   

Contact us today. We look forward meeting you.

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