Name___________________________________ Valid Motorcycle Licence#________________

Sponsor_________________________________  Phone #______________________________

Address (City, Province)  


Motorcycle Year_______________    Make___________                 Model__________

Engine Size_______________            Fuel Type______________ SCDRA Member   YES   NO



All motorcycles must comply with the current CMDRA Official Rulebook

Valid Motorcycle Registration ________________ Valid insurance for street use _____________

Positive ignition cut-off attached to driver with lanyard________ Snap back throttle___________

Full face helmet with shield (minimum Snell M2005, M2010, K2005, SA2005 or SA2010) ______

Face Shield (no goggles)___________   Leather Jacket_________   Leather full finger gloves ______

Leather boots/shoes which cover above the ankles__________   Leather Leggings ______________

Front and rear brakes___________ Chain guard___________________ Lights working__________

Liquid cooled machines need to have water only in the cooling system ______________ 

Fender must extend from below the seat past the axle and be the width of the tire _____________ 

Wheelie bars not permitted___________   Push start machines not permitted_______________

PASS_____________ FAIL_______________             Inspected by_________________________ 

CLASS__________________ NUMBER_______________

Notice: Maximum speed in pit area is 5 MPH. Anyone who exceeds this limit or is operating in a dangerous manner will be issued ONE WARNING ONLY. A second offence will result in your EJECTION from the facility and you will forfeit all ENTREE FEES. The SCDRA makes no assurances that a technical inspection including the review of any written information will: 1) Detect every problem with a motorcycle or a rider’s personal equipment or clothing 2) Detect every problem with rule compliance, or 3) Prevent injury, death or property damage. The participant agrees that the participant bears the ultimate responsibility at all times to ensure the safety of the participant’s motorcycle and to ensure that the participant complies with the CMDRA Rules.




Driver/Owner Signature____________________________ Date__________________________