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A Field for Everyone
Chatelech Field Support: Kata
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A good idea for the Sunshine Coast.Please indicate if you believe that a facility such as the concepts described in a Field for Everyone is needed or not.
Please provide us with any information that you feel will make this project successful. If your commenst are more than 225 words please use the above attachment icon.
PledgePlease select the type of pledge you will make.
CashIf cash, please select an amount.
ServiceIf a service, please select a value.
A Mile of Toonies 
Please let us know your thoughts on this initial fund raising idea.
Toonie SupportWill you participate in the toonie fundraiser?
Business Appreciation DayIf you own a business on the Sunshine Coast please indicate whether or not you would be interested in participating in our Business Day Appreciation Fundraiser.
Business InformationIf you selected yes above, please your business name, contact person and phone number
VolunteerThere will be many opportunities to participate in the development of this project. If you would be interested in volunteering please check here.
CommittiesA number of committies have been identified to keep this project moving. Please select one that interests you.
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