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  Coast Cultural Alliance   a non-profit arts culture & heritage society on the Sunshine Coast BC Canada
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collapse  1-Gibsons and Area
  1  Klaywerk Studio
Contact: Liz de Beer
Phone: 604.886.5814
Address: 1472 Davidson Rd, Langdale
Description: Discover a fusion of Africa and the West Coast in the functional and artistic creations of clay artist Liz de Beer. Sculptural works as well as functional pottery for sale.
  2  Melanie Fogell
Phone: 604.886.9699
Website: Acrylic painting on canvas
Address: 1104 Twin Isles Drive
Description: I paint with acrylic and sometimes mixed media on canvas. Work is nonrepresentational with ideas based on photographs of landscapes and musical elements of rhythm & movement.I have shown my work in galleries in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver since 1988. Please call ahead.
  3  Coast Chimes
Contact: Timothy Kline
Phone: 604.229.5560
Website: Wind chimes, suncatchers, art for the home and garden made from glass, copper, cedar, driftwood and beach stone.
Address: 535 Woodland Avenue, Gibsons
Description: Inspired by nature, artist Tim Kline uses glass, copper, cedar, driftwood, and beach stone to create amazing, one-of-a-kind wind chimes, suncatchers, and art for the home and garden. For over twenty years his work has been collected around the world.
  4  Jan Poynter
Phone: 604.886.8918
Address: 558 Woodland Ave, Granthams Landing
Description: Professional illustration, conceptual rendering & fine art. Spring/Fall Verandah Show - art desplayed throughout Jan's unique home. Painting classes/lessons. Studio visit by appointment. Acrylic/Watercolour/mixed media. Landscape/Floral/Figures - Commissions welcome. Private instruction available.
  5  FibreSmiths

Contact: Cindy Labonte-Smith
Phone: 604.724.3534
Address: 787 Madison Place
Description: We are a fibre arts gallery offering natural fabrics and eco dyed apparel and home decor made by a mother and daughter team of Coastal artisans. Our one-of-a-kind pieces include silk scarves, shawls, lingerie, throw cushions, unique felted wrist-warmers, shawl pins, neck pieces, needle-felting, as well as hand-knits made from hand-spun, hand-dyed yarns, glass knitting needles, antique cameos and other scarf jewelry. Also, featured is a line of art quilts from king-sized whimsical scenes, log cabins and paper-pieced to patchwork baby quilts and wall-hangings quilted by mother, Cecile, and dyed by daughter, Cindy.
  6  Jennifer Drysdale
Phone: 604.886.3583
Address: 1070 Stewart Rd, Gibsons
Description: Her paintings usually depict solitary figures within a specific environment. She is interested in portraying a connection or, in some cases, disconnect between the figure and the spaces they occupy. Abstraction, distortion and spontaneity are important parts of her most recent process allowing a looseness and more intuitive approach to painting. By appointment or when Purple Banner is displayed. Jen will be joined by Gord Dieroff during the Art Crawl.
  7  Jim's Wooden Creations
Contact: Jim Harding
Phone: 604.886.4064
Address: 979 Keith Rd, off Cemetry Rd, Gibsons
Description: Jim uses chainsaws, grinders and rotary tools to create carvings both large and small. He has approx 300 carvings of bears, eagles, herons, fish and his favorite thing to carve, figures. He has recently done 2 five piece full size wooden rock bands. Like a lot of people working with wood, he doesn't like waste and uses a lot of logs that might otherwise be chipped or burned. He lives at this work place and enjoys people dropping by to check out his carving under covered shelters.
  8  Christy Sverre

Phone: 604.886.3951
Address: 612 Marine Drive Gibsons
Description: Visit Christy Sverre's stunning view studio to see her bold and energetic abstract paintings. "My work is inspired by the boldness of abstract painters before me. I have always loved deconstructing what I see and the act of painting completes it for me." From small to large she has work for everyone.
  9  Shelley Fearnley Contemporary Oils
Contact: Shelley Fearnley
Phone: 604.740.6017
Address: 572 McCall Lane, Gibsons
Description: Formally trained designer/painter creating large scale contemporary oils and light installations. Thematically inspired by the everyday and the extraordinary.
  10  Landing Gallery
Phone: 604.886.0099
Address: 436 Marine Drive, Gibsons Landing
Description: Co-operative gallery representing many of the Sunshine Coast's finest artists. Open daily 10am to 5pm. During the 2015 Art Crawl 'Random Acts of Art', a collaboration with the community and Arts Building.
  11  Daffadowndilly Gallery
Contact: Sharon Danroth
Phone: 604.886.7650
Address: 8-426 Marine Drive, Gibsons Landing
Description: in a heritage building overlooking Gibsons Harbour, we are over 75 local artisans, showcasing original works of Art, prints, art cards, wood carvings, knitted fashions, Raku, jewelry, folk art souvenires, BODYSENSE and now hosting 'Heaven on Earth' andmuch more.
  12  Gibsons Public Art Gallery
Phone: 604.886.0531
Address: 431 Marine Drive, Gibsons Landing
Description: Because art is for everyone. Open in 2003, GPAG presents 8-9 juried exhibitions. Open Submissions call annually to March 31. Watch for special submission calls. Painting classes for adults & children plus special events.
  13  Sa Boothroyd Gallery
Contact: Sa Boothroyd
Phone: 604.886.7072
Address: Government Wharf, Gibsons Landing
Description: Paintings, prints, magnets and whimsical kitchen textiles.
  14  The Blackberry Shop & Friends
Contact: Maggie Penhallow
Phone: 604.886.0063
Address: 303 - 287 Gower Point Rd, Gibsons
Description: Showcasing the works of over 60 fine Sunshine Coast Artisans. Local Blackberry products from soaps to syrup, jam to Jewelry. Handmade children's clothing, toys & souvenirs. From soapstone/wood carvings, pottery, paintings, recycled copper wire art, textile, sculptures to personal care products and locally produced culinary delights including honey, chocolate, fish products and of course Blackberry Jam.
  15  Gibsons Landing Sunday Market
Phone: 604.886.3764
Address: Across from Winegarden Park in Lower Gibsons
Description: Non-Profit Artisan/Farmers Market held every Sunday starting May long weekend to end of September. 10am - 3pm. Locally made crafts, baked goods and fresh produce.
  16  Sunshine Coast Museum & Archives
Phone: 604.886.8232
Address: 716 Winn Road, Gibsons (across from the Post Office)
Description: Discover the connection between land, sea, & human experience. An innovative heritage destination featuring exhibits, gift shop, library & archives.
  17  Salamander Studio
Contact: Katie Janyk
Phone: 604.886.4711
Address: 668 Harmony Lane, Gibsons
Description: Ceramic relief panels, mirrors, garden accents & tiles. Original hand-sculpted, bas-relief panels & mirrors in stoneware & terracotta clay, for indoor & outdoor decor. By appointment or visit, Fresh from the Coast in Sechelt or (sculpture).
  19  Dave Coyle Antique Reproductions
Contact: Dave Coyle
Phone: 604.886.6617
Address: 1061 Gibsons Way
Description: beautiful country inspired handcrafted furniture made of 100% renewable resource BC wood that will last for generations. Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-4pm,
  20  Dragonfly Guitars
Contact: Dan Richter
Phone: 604.741.1056
Address: Chaster Road, Gibsons
Description: Specializing in the construction of guitar family instuments as well as the repair of al types of stringed instruments. Combining traditional techniques and proportions with innovation, originality of design and a wide array of influences, Guitar building instruction is also available.
  21  Jennifer Ettinger
Phone: 604.209.6074
Website: Paintings created in acrylic, watercolour, graphite and/or oil
Address: 990 Chaster Road, Gibsons
Description: I graduated in 1993 with a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and have been painting a variety of themed paintings (sports, animal/pet portraits and abstracts) for self-motivated shows and commissioned work. New to the Coast, I am inspired by the beautiful landscape and by the community of creative artists living and working here.
  22  Gallery 180
Contact: Jolene Chinnick
Phone: 604.741.1993
Address: 180 Grandview Heights Road, Gibsons
Description: “She-ism” – Works weaving feminine forms into spiritual art pieces, totally unique creations with hidden secrets works with oils & graphic, blends realism with the surreal, appts
collapse  2-Roberts Creek
  23  Susan Furze Studio
Contact: Susan Furze
Phone: 604.886.8684
Address: Susan Furze Studio, 1888 W Reed Rd, Roberts Creek (by the S.C. Nursery)
Description: Susan Furze has been creating her unique stained glass professionally on the coast since 1995. Her style includes both abstract and representational, functional and decorative pieces using many glass disciplines - mosaic, fused, enameled and laminated. Her work can be seen locally in both private and public commissions and she is gratified to know that many of her creations can be found in homes both nationally and internationally. Open May 1 to Dec 10-4pm daily closed Tues & Weds or by appointment. Joined by Barby Paulus, handwoven scarves & shawls and Sandy Barret, jewellry. Visit Susan in her new studio. Open May 1 to Dec 2011, 10:00am-4:00pm. Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or by appointment.
  24  Creek Clayworks
Contact: Elaine Futterman & Mike Allegretti
Phone: 604.885.2395
Address: 1738 Lockyer Rd, 2km above Hwy 101 off Roberts Creek Rd
Description: Functional pottery designed to be used and enjoyed; custom dinnerware as well as one-of-a-kind pieces.
  25  Fire and Ash Studio
Contact: Jack Ploesser
Phone: 604.886.0883
Website: Fire and Ash Studio - Jack Ploesser (Facebook)
Address: 950 Cheryl Ann Park Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Gas fired stoneware and porcelain/Scarlet Reds/Blue Celadons/functional ware and one of a kind. Unique teapots/ platters/bowls/Vases. Located 10 minutes from Gibsons - Signs on Hwy.101 and Lower Rd.
  26  Blue Cat Studio
Contact: Kathi Clarke
Phone: 604.885.4029
Address: 3094 Lower Road, Roberts Creek
Description: paintings in many mediums, sculptures, and collage with natural materials, design, ammolite and fossil jewelry, inside and outside art, (no training=no rules), Close to the Heart of the Creek.
  27  Conchita Maria
Phone: 604.741.3430
Address: 3294 Krause Road, Roberts Creek
Description: In my studio working with oil and acrylic paint, energetic brush strokes and vibrant colors spiral onto the canvas in the way I perceive the dynamic movement of life where the mountains, streams, lakes, oceans, and skies dance in a celebration of life. Each work of art is an attempt to capture a moment of flow in the web of life, and to show the changing energy that interconnects of all life. We live in a world where time makes us run and we can forget to stop and smell the flowers or look to the stars. My passion is to create works of art that resonate with your own connections to a natural landscape, so that any room can be transformed into a place of inspiration and a space for contemplation and stillness.
  28  Mustard Seed Clay Creations & Spirited Ceramics
Contact: Ray, Bev and Tim Niebergall
Phone: 604.885.3174
Address: 3394 Kraus Rd (down Marlene off Hwy 101), Roberts Creek
Description: Nestled amongst the cedars, the working studio & showroom feature a wide range of unique, functional and sculptural pieces in porcelain, stoneware and whimsical clay art. Come browse in our celebration of diversity!
  29  Pauline Hurley
Phone: 604.740.5773
Address: 3172 Mossy Rock Road, Roberts Creek
Description: Garden Studio at the end of cul-de-sac. Pauline is an acrylic painter specialising in fruit plus Clay sculpting mainly in masks and folk art. Joined by Tony Hurley, creator of unusual, fun ceramics.
collapse  3-Wilson Creek and Davis Bay
  30  Krystyna Glass Studio & Gallery
Contact: Jan Benda
Phone: 604.885.2125
Address: 1650 Field Road, Wilson Creek
Description: Exclusive and unique art glass created by master glassblower Jan Benda. Vases, plates, perfume bottles, ornaments, oil lamps, candleholders and more.
  31  Laurie Rolland-Potter
Contact: Laurie Rolland
Phone: 604.885.0744
Address: 4676 Whitaker, Davis Bay
Description: Laurie Rolland RCA - Laurie’s work ranges from one-of-a-kind exhibition pieces to smaller functional domestic ware. Her handbuilt ceramics are unique in form and surface and are influenced by the natural world around her. Described as ‘quirky’ and ‘elegant’ her work is always versatile as it changes and developes.
  32  Coast Raven Design Studio and Gallery
Contact: Artie George Richard de la Mare
Phone: 604.885.7131
Address: 4668 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Davis Bay
Description: We have been creating native art since 1970 and now specialize in all forms of top quality woodcarving and hand carved sterling silver and gold jewellery. Our retail gallery and studio workshop are contained within an unique character building along the Sunshine Coast Highway only 15 minutes from the Langdale ferry terminal, and just steps away from the beach. What sets Coast Raven apart and affords us continued success is that we make everything we sell. Our customers save by buying direct from the artists.
  33  Bob Evermon
Phone: 604.741.0662
Address: 4945 Laurel Ave, Davis Bay
Description: After teaching full time at the University level for over 40 years at Emily Carr in Vancouver and six other Universities and art schools, Bob has now set up my studio in Sechelt. Sculpture, mixed media & prints. His work is in the permanent collection of the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minn - The Minneapolis Institute of Art - Iran Modern Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran - Art Gallery of Greater Victoria , Victoria, BC - Canada Art Bank - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC- Vancouver Art Gallery
collapse  4-Sechelt
  34  Blue Dot Art Studio
Contact: Anita Lindblom
Phone: 604.885.0921
Address: 5081 Sunshine Coast Hwy, just south of Sechelt
Description: Watercolours, acrylics & hand painted functional ceramic tableware in an actual working studio environment. All ceramics and glazes are made with environmentally friendly, lead-free materials that are safe in a 350'F oven, dishwasher or microwave.
  34.5  Jessica Silvey
Phone: 604.865.0163
Address: 5356 Sinku Drive, Sechelt
Description: A self taught weaver of Coast Salish and Portuguese decent combining traditional Coast Salish construction and design with her own artistic vision – baskets, hats and mats.
  35  tems swiya Museum
Phone: 604.885.6012
Address: 5555 Sunshine Coast Hwy Sechelt
Description: Experience a glimpse of shíshálh culture through our collection of basketry, archaeological displays, historic photographs, art and oral histories.
  36  Sunshine Coast Arts Council & Doris Crowston Gallery
Phone: 604.885.5412
Address: 5714 Medusa Street (at Trail), Sechelt
Description: Operating the Sunshine Coast Art Centre which incorporates a public gallery, a music studio housing two community pianos, and a public art studio all available to rent. Open Wed to Sat 11am-4pm, Sun 1-4pm. During Art Crawl Jennifer Drysdale & Rochelle Nehring.
  37  Artworks Gallery & Framing
Contact: Cindy Buis
Phone: 604.740.2660 or 604.886.1250 (cel)
Address: 5685 Cowrie St, Sechelt
Description: Specializing in Custom Picture Framing and featuring a wide variety of Artwork and Reproductions. Guided Arts & Cultural Tours too. During Art Crawl works of Brian Romer, Donna Swain, unique works by Lorena Pelly.
  38  Fresh from the Coast
Contact: Karen Weissenborn
Phone: 604.741.0760
Address: 5498 Trail Ave.
Description: Artisan shop and gallery featuring locally made contemporary and traditional craft in clay, glass, wood, fibre, metal and an eclectic mix of other treasures. Work from over 150 artist. A "must see".
  39  Sechelt Farmers' & Artisans' Market
Phone: 604.885.8483
Address: 5800 block Cowrie St downtown Sechelt
Description: We Bake it, Make it & Grow it! Locally grown veggies, handcrafted art and more. The largest farmers & artisans' market on the coast! Saturdays 9:00am to 2:30pm, April 7 - Sept 29. 'Rain or Shine' See you there or on Facebook, Twitter & You Tube.
  40  Aileen Reilly
Phone: 604.989.5630
Address: 5630 Andres Road, Sechelt
Description: Residing on the Sunshine Coast, but born and raised in Edmonton, she attended Grant McEwen Community College, taking Graphic Arts. After finishing college and raising a family, she was shown a stepping stone which opened the door into the world of glass. Aileen took her first course in 1999 making stepping stones, proceeding on to stained and then fused glass. She enjoys all areas, but is completely addicted to lampwork. When working at the torch, she claims "the world becomes the fluid glass right in front of me, all else is lost." She has taken multiple lampworking classes, in Canada and the USA, with many different teachers. Aileen's goal in lampwork is "to make someone smile" - something she enjoys immensely in all forms.
  40.5  Amber Road Pottery
Contact: Alex Ora
Phone: 604.740.3754
Website: facebook
Address: 7499 Amber Road, Tuwanek
Description: Offering claywork/pottery throwing classes, weekly for adults and seasonal week long session for kids, spring break and all summer long. Check out the small display room featuring functional pottery made in the studio.
collapse  5-Halfmoon Bay
  42  Watercolour Journey
Contact: Hiroshi Shimazaki
Phone: 604.885.2882
Address: 8201 Redrooffs Road, Halfmoon Bay
Description: I am a geographer and an aspiring landscape painter. For me, the greatest teacher for landscape painting is the landscape itself. Constantly changing in appearance, it is there always for us to appreciate its attributes and learn from them. Landscape painting elicits appreciation of natural processes, reflection on the historical past, and awareness of the potentialities of human action embodied in each place. The natural and cultural landscapes on display at my in-home gallery were prepared from field sketches of sites around the world.
  43  Sandy Kay
Phone: 604.328.7655
Address: 8289 Redroofs Rd, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Sandy Kay recently relocated to Halfmoon Bay from Vancouver, where she had a studio/gallery on Granville Island. She works in multiple mediums and styles, from bold large canvases in acrylic and oil to thoughtful watercolours….abstracts, impressionism, realism…landscapes, seascapes, figurative. Sandy Kay loves to paint! Come by and visit with the new artist on the Coast.
  44  Rivenrock Studio
Contact: Ruth Rodgers
Phone: 778.458.2011
Address: 5472 Hydaway Place, Halfmoon Bay
Description: Ruth Rodgers paints landscapes and figures in a naturalistic and vibrant style in pastel, acrylic, and oil. Ruth is fascinated by the play of natural light, and her works most often feature a memorable but fleeting light effect. She is inspired by scenes from across Canada and around the world, but her goal is to evoke your memories of favourite places and people, as well as to create works that will give you pleasure every day in your home or place of work. Works range from small to large, and suit budgets both modest and grand. Studio open by chance or appointment, but please call ahead.
  45  Gigi Hoeller Art Gallery
Contact: Gigi Hoeller
Phone: 604.885.6650
Address: 8000 Birch Way, (turn north on Leaning Tree, left on Birch) Halfmoon Bay
Description: Gigi FINGERpaints in two very distinct styles - Images of Beautiful British Columbia and beyond, home and garden portraits as well as contemporary images that create intimate relationships with flowers. Open June - Sept 10am - 5pm or by appointment.
  46  Homestead Sheepskin
Contact: Jeanne McHeffey
Phone: 604.885.5919
Address: 10054 Wescan Rd. Halfmoon Bay
Description: Specializing in sheepskin slippers for all ages. Special orders also available. Please call ahead if you would like to visit my home studio, or you can see my products on my web site
collapse  6-Garden Bay, Madeira Park, Egmont, Earls Cove
  47  Harbour Spirit Centre

Contact: Ron Badley
Phone: 604.741.1481
Address: 12808 Madeira Park Rd entrance, Pender Harbour
Description: Welcome to - Harbour Spirit Centre - located at the corner of Hwy 101 and Madeira Park Road in beautiful Pender Harbour. Come in and see our assortment of art, artisan works, vintage finds, locally handcrafted furniture and unique items for sale. Also, take a break from the Crawl at Emelle's Bistro, Mama's Japanese Kitchen or enjoy an ice cream or desert at Alice Sweet Shop.
  48  Espiria Cafe & Gallery
Contact: Brittany Sheppard
Phone: 604.883.0096
Address: 12903 Madeira Park Rd, in downtown Madeira Park
Description: Serving breakfast, Lunch, Fresh baking, Homemade soups & sandwiches with locally roasted organic coffee & teas. Housing walls of local & BC artisans : jewelry, painting, photography, pottery, glassworks & more!
  49  Harbour Gallery
Phone: June 604.883.2807 / 604.883.0212
Address: Pender Harbour Cultural Centre, Madeira Park
Description: Co-op of local artists. Original art of various mediums. Open daily 11-4 July 1 to Aug 31 and other times. Located at the Cultural Centre in Madeira Park.
  50  FibreWorks Studio & Gallery
Contact: Yvonne Stowell
Phone: 604.883.2380
Address: 12887 Sunshine Coast Hwy (in the yurts), just north of Madeira Park
Description: FibreWorks Gallery and Studio featuring local and guest artists specializing in fibre arts - spinning, weaving, dyeing, basket making, woodworking, papermaking, quilting, textile surface design and more - all in a beautiful 28' yurt!
  51  Flying Anvil Studio & Gallery
Contact: Bruno Pepin
Phone: 604.883.3660
Address: 6013 Garden Bay Road, 1/2 km off Hwy 101 at the Petro Can
Description: Open Year Round. Home of Bruno Pepin's Bells, fabulous forged and fabricated work, wood and multi-media creations. Two showrooms displaying a wide range of fine arts and crafts by many talented Coast artists and artisans. Work includes pottery, textiles, blown and stained glass, jewellery, paintings, prints, cards and much more. Beautiful and practical pieces, delightful and functional art for home and garden.
  52  Jack Gibson Fine Art Creations Ltd.
Contact: Jack Gibson
Phone: 604.883.9010
Address: 5107 Elliot Road
Description: Fine Art, Limited Edition bronze sculpture, figurative and wildlife art relief tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. New!! Marta's jewelry creations with Antonio Vaccari Srl Morano glass from Italy. Hours 11am to 5pm, closed Monday or by appointment.
  53  Bluff Hollow Art Works
Contact: Ann & Rick Harmer
Phone: 604.883.3678
Website: Mushroom art, lightweight concrete art
Address: 5027 Bear Bay Road
Description: Ann and Rick Harmer have developed distinctive art forms, inspired by their rainforest home. Ann uses local mushrooms to dye fibre, which she turns into handspun yarns; with mushroom colours, silk scarves become vibrant wearable art. She also creates mushroom paper and jewelry. Rick has developed a singular form of lightweight concrete that he uses to create one-of-a-kind wall and garden art pieces. These are displayed in a unique gallery space: the rock bluff along the driveway leading to Bluff Hollow. Call ahead.
  54  Motoko's Original Art
Contact: Motoko Baum
Phone: 604.883.9472
Address: 4590 Sinclair Bay Rd, Garden Bay
Description: Home of Motoko's contemporary paintings. Originals, Limited Edition Prints, Art Cards and Gift Items. Experience the ambiance of this beautiful gallery and Motoko's warm welcome. Hours: June & Sept Wed-Sun 11am-tpm. July & Aug, Tue-Sun, 11am-5pm; Oct to May by appointment.
  55  Blue Orca Studio
Contact: Krista Maurer
Phone: 604.883.2913
Website: click here
Address: 4200 Orca Road, Garden Bay BC
Description: Beautiful Daniel Point setting for Krista's Blue Orca Studio/Gallery. Richly textured original, contemporary fine art as well as authentic gemstone with silver jewelry. Welcome! 4200 Orca Rd, Garden Bay. 604.883.2913
  56  Historic Seaside Sundowner Inn
Contact: Kusum Irene Jain & Tom Cunningham
Phone: 604.883.9676
Address: 4339 Garden Bay Rd, Garden Bay
Description: Charming oceanview country inn, housed in one of the most historic, recently restored, buildings on the Sunshine Coast. Tom & Kusum are delighted to showcase the Sunshine Coast's largest private collection of local art on public display (free) and have an art gallery focusing on the works of local artists. Don't miss the historical display and books by local authours. Stay the weekend or book your event here. After you take in the art, stroll along the esplanade, sit on the dock, hike a scenic trail or take a dip in one of five nearby lakes- all just steps away !
  57  Iris Griffith Interpretive Centre
Phone: 604.883.9201
Address: entrance 15386 Sunshine Coast Highway, Pender Harbour
Description: Take a moment to deepen your appreciation of the natural wonders of the Coast. Enjoy a cup of tea and relax on our floating wetland platform, or sneak a peek at waterfowl through our hidden bird blind. Our 10 hectare nature reserve and 2500 square foot educational facility offer opportunities for all ages to explore with interpretive trails, exhibits, and demonstrations of green building and alternative technology. Visit our EarthFair store with its unique selection of environmental books and products, and our new Native Plant Nursery. Check out our website to join us for our fun and educational events including the Lagoonies Club kids day camp, the BioBlitz celebration and the Wood Duck Festival. Open 10 – 4, 7 days a week Apr. to Sept., and Wed – Sun from Oct. to Mar.
  58  Egmont Heritage Centre
Phone: 604.883.9994
Address: 6671 Egmont Road, Egmont
Description: Museum with gift shop carries local arts & crafts including photography, cedar baskets, native carvings, pottery, soaps, walking sticks, knives, fibre arts, jewellery, books, cards. New items are always being added throughout the year. Fall lecture series features local writers & artists. Demonstrations & classes held in the summer.
  59  Laughing Hummingbird Arts
Contact: Troch Burgoyne
Phone: 604.883.2200
Address: 5379 Cedarridge Road, Earls Cove
Description: Film is not dead. Specializing in traditional film photography and the manipulated silver print using an array of vintage and toy cameras. By appointment.
  60  Geopia Gallery and Garden
Contact: Pia Sillem & George Connell
Phone: 604.883.2299
Address: 5474 Jervis Inlet Road, Earls Cove
Description: Pia and George welcome you to their hiltop gallery, to enjoy her wonderfully crafted wood-fired pottery and his original oil paintings. More at Please call ahead
collapse  7-Powell River
  61  Lez Niepo Studio/Gallery "Allworks"

Contact: Lez Niepo
Phone: 604.487.0825
Address: 2241 Roberts Rd. south of Powell River
Description: Contemporary paintings exhibit in Canada and abroad. Abstract paintings,action paintings,zen-focused and tribal images paintings influence by Lez's extend world travelling.Artifacts from Papua New Guinea and Oceania. Chi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan individual or group classes available on request. By appointment
  62  Bente Hansen
Phone: 604.485.5845
Address: 7899 Traffe Rd, Powell River
Description: Bente Hansen is an award winning member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her works can be very large, colourful and often abstract.
  63  Wind Spirit Art & Gallery
Contact: April White
Phone: 604.485.7572, TF 1.877.485.7572
Address: 4643 Marine Avenue
Description: Haida Artist April White - original paintings, limited edition prints, hand-pulled serigraphs, handmade cedar bark paper & art cards, landscapes, mythological & traditional Haida art, realism to surrealism; Lee Mackenzie - imaginative acrylics & mixed media; Janeen Hartley - SuperNatural Essentials, gemstone jewelry. Other works by BC artists, featuring art books, argillite carvings & jewellery.
  64  Artique Co-op Gallery
Phone: 604.485.4837
Address: 4722 Marine Dr, Powell River
Description: a Co-operative Gallery consisting of 30 members with a very wide selection of local original art, fine craft, handmade and art cards for every taste and budget. Just look for the bright green building on Marine Avenue! Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12:30-4pm.
  65  Earth Inspirations Pottery Studio & Gallery
Contact: Denise Tremblay
Phone: 604.483.6217
Address: 6820 Cranberry Street, Powell River
Description: Earth Inspirations Pottery Studio & Gallery is brand new and I am Specializing in pieces that are inspired by the earth and all her bounties. I only use natural fibers, Glass, woods and dyes in my fibre work. Gallery is open M to F 9am to 4pm.
  66  Vi Isaac
Phone: 604.483.3786
Address: #28 - 5455 Borden Place, Powell River
Description: In a variety of media Vi captures images in nature, available as paintings, prints or cards. Private watercolor or acrylic lessons arranged by phone. Studio visits by appointment. During Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, Oct 17-19 view Vi's work at Henderson House Living Museum, 6211 Walnut St, Townsite.
  67  Townsite Heritage Society of Powell River
Phone: 604.483.3901
Address: 5865 Ash Ave. Powell River BC
Description: Start your walking tour of the Townsite National Historic District, designated in 1995, at the newly restored Henderson House Living Museum 6211 Walnut St.
  68  The Historic Patricia Theatre
Phone: 604.483.9345
Address: 5848 Ash Ave
Description: Canada's oldest continuously operating movie theatre business located in the west's oldest vaudeville/cinema house and offering the newest films, the best of the art films and live performances: since 1913!
  69  Rare Earth Pottery
Contact: Jan Lovewell and Ron Robb
Phone: 604.483.4806
Address: 9644 Quarry Place, Lund BC
Description: We welcome you to visit our studio/gallery by the sea where we create one-of-a-kind, hand formed pieces reflecting the beauty of the natural west coast environment. We make functional and decorative raku and wood fired pottery. Open 11:00 – 5:00, July THURS - Sat; August TUES - Sat; or call ahead.
  70  Three Stone Soup Studio
Contact: Wendy Drummond
Phone: 250.415.8564
Website: Fibre, Heart and Story
Address: 1495 Sorenson Road, Lund
Description: Wendy, an emerging fibre artist… working with natural fibres to create functional, applied art pieces.“When working with fibre, color and texture I find myself absorbed in a journey of exploration and imagination where I seek to place myself in the story. Working with all natural fibres, and embellishments of glass, shell, wood and metal, my work is fresh, bold, reflective and individual. Each expressive, functional piece is intended to evoke memories, triggering the senses to remind us every day is special and worthy of celebration.”
collapse  1-Gibsons and Area
  101  Sunshine Coast Olive Oil Co. - Art on the Side
Contact: Fiona Pinnell
Phone: 778.462.3088
Address: 305 - 287 Gower Pt Rd, Gibsons Landing
Description: Visit our ocean-view, oil and balsamic taproom for complimentary tastings. Our staff will guide you in sampling our 40+ flavours. Plus gourmet specialty foods and gifts: pestos, tapenades, pasta, olives, glassware, olive oil soap.
collapse  2-Roberts Creek
  102  Unwind Knit and Fibre Lounge - Art on the Side
Contact: Kim Fenton
Phone: 604.886.1418
Address: #8, 1057 Roberts Creek Rd, Roberts Creek
Description: We celebrate local fibre artists! Our studio has locally produced items for sale. We feature fibre arts demos every day, and a special guest, Kerri Luciani, local jewellery artist during the Art Crawl. Knitting socials. Classes. Books about fibre, patterns, history, magazines, buttons, needles, bags, art, rovings, beads, and yarn too!!
collapse  1-Gibsons and Area
  103  Embelish Emporium

Contact: Christine Turner
Phone: 604.886.0168
Address: Gibsons Park Plaza, (beside IGA) Gibsons Way
Description: Featuring a wide variety of locally-made creations and carefully selected vintage treasures mixed with unique gifts, décor, furnishings. Open 7 days a week
  104  The Coast Sign and Print - Art on the Side
Contact: Grant Simmons
Phone: 604.886.2882
Address: 1095 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Gibsons
Description: My work is signs and printing. My passion is photography. I will attempt to bring the two worlds together in the 1200 square feet I have to work with.
  105  Lisa's Framing & Art Supplies - Art on the Side
Contact: Lisa MacKay
Phone: 778.462.3330
Address: #105-622 Hough Rd, Gibsons
Description: Your One-Stop-Shop for Artist’s Material & Full Custom Picture Framing. We offer a full range of Acrylics, Oils, Water Mixable Oils & Water Colour. Gels, Mediums, Sprays & Fixatives. Canvas, Brushes & Easels. Everything for Drawing, Pads, Pastels, Charcoal, Graphite & Calligraphy. Full Custom Framing with onsite Computerized precision Mat Cutter that cuts all shapes including: Ovals, Church Windows, Animals, Names, Crests etc. Dry mounted and laminated plaques, Sports Jersey Shadow Boxes. During the Art Crawl featuring Nanette Walker, oils, acrylics & pastels.
collapse  4-Sechelt
  106  Fibre Expressions Quilt Shop - Art on the Side
Contact: Christine Richardson
Phone: 604.885.6677
Address: 1 - 5647 Cowrie St, Sechelt
Description: This bright & modern quilt shop carries over 1500 bolts of quality quilting cottons, books, patterns & notions. Mon-Sat 10-5 Sun-phone ahead
collapse  7-Powell River
  107  Great Balls of Wool - Art on the Side
Contact: Roisin Sheehy-Culhane
Phone: 604.485.4859
Address: 4722A Marine Ave
Description: Wool Shop and ArtWear Gallery. Regular Hrs daily 10-5pm Mon-Sat. 12-4pm Sundays. Local Artisan Yarns, Great selection of wool and yarns from everywhere else. Designed and Knit-by-our-hands clothing. Loopy Lounge - Drop in and join a group knit on Sundays, 1-3 pm. On-going classes & workshops. Drop in for more information
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