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2010 KidSport Application

Challenger Program:  A Division of SC Central Baseball League that provides  an opportunity for cognitively and physically disabled kids to enjoy all the benefits of baseball, in an environment designed specifically for them.

The "game" is played in a fun, safe environment where no score is kept.  Able-bodies "Buddies" are assigned (one on one, where possible) to each participant.  These Buddies assist the Challenger players with their involvement in the game.  Pushing wheelchairs around the bases, assisting players at bat, or providing protection for the Challenger player from a batted ball, are just a few of the ways the Buddies offer a better experience for the participants in the Challenger division.

Each participant is treated like every other player in the convention baseball program.  All players are outfitted in uniforms, use the same equipment, and play their games at the local ball parks.  A team picture is a must for Challenger, as it is in the other divisions.

Last but not least, the smiles are plentiful and free!  The joy on the face of each participant in the Challenger Division makes you realize just how much fun everyone's having!

If you are interested in being involved please contact:

Lennea Perpet    email:
                    phone: 604-885-8863    cell:  604-741-5538
or Ian McLean    email:
                    phone: 604-988-9232    cell:  604-788-0507

Parent Responsibilities

We appreciate the parents setting a positive example for the players. This means lots of encouragement and cheering. Parents of younger players must remain with their children or have a responsible adult present at all times.

Parents are expected to bring the players to the opening and closing ceremonies, games and practices on time. One of the other ways parents are expected to help is concession duty.

Prior to games parents are needed to help prepare the field and keep score during the games.

We encourage you to practice at home with your child. If we can be of any assistance in this regard, please let us know. We encourage questions from parents on the proper techniques, if you don’t know please ask.

There is no smoking permitted by the league anywhere near the kids!




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